October 5, 2017

fan-tastic challenge

hi my lovely people, long time no see, hope you're doing well! I'm able to enjoy the small but for me big joys of life the past 5 months again which is (like last year) the reason miniatures have had to take a back seat even more than ususal. But that doesn't mean it's of my radar! Thanks for your patience and for me not falling of yours ;), I truly appreciate you being here.

June 10, 2017

let's talk rustic & vintage, with a hint of industrial

yes, finally! this display has been ready for years, including this blogpost about it, but I really wanted to show the scene - well technically it's 2 - at once and still needed to make the lampshade and finish the legs of the 'glass' table. Both required things I could not do until recently and wanted to take advantage of that of course. Enjoy!

April 16, 2017

butterfly palm - tiny update..

hi again my dear mini-friends, sorry for the long silence! Not even visited your blogs, except for a few some time ago when I had the chance.. Not because I lost interest: I always LOVE to see what you're all up to and what wonderful things y'all make. But

December 25, 2016

a tiny white world..

hi there! later than planned with the first Christmasday already more than halfway over (yes I know, the Netherlands is the only country - or one of the few countries - that have 2 Christmasdays :D) I'd like to share with you this miniature working snowglobe I made.

snow definitely not being a likelihood any time soon in the Netherlands, this Christmas I'll just enjoy the tiny white world within this snowglobe ­čśü. And a little video to go with it.

November 11, 2016


there are a number of things in my life the past few months really worth celebrating and I felt like doing that with a modest party mini-style!